Paris Hilton Paris Hilton

Below is an amusing Paris Hilton interview from Wednesday's Good Morning America. She's confronted with the idea that the famous-for-being-famous celebs of contemporary pop culture that she helped indoctrinate and sometimes befriended (like Kim Kardashian) have eclipsed her reach. She's asked about the anemic ratings of her unpleasant Oxygen show, The World According to Paris. Finally, when anchor Dan Harris wonders if she worries about her "moment having passed," she looks at her publicist and leaves the hot seat.

Paris Hilton on community service backlash: "I was just joking around and being honest"

That's all telling. But what would have been even more telling would have been to air the "long, heated conversation with Hilton and her publicist" that Harris describes and is briefly excerpted. You want the real truth about Paris Hilton? It would have come out in the frantic, image-obsessed strategizing that led to the reconciliation between her and Harris at the end of the interview.

Still, there's no mistaking the lack of sincerity in the hug she gives him at the end of the segment.

The World According To Paris is Paris as usual

Watch the cringe-fest: