Cy Watts and Paris Hilton Cy Watts and Paris Hilton

Hide your heiresses! While en route to the trial of Nathan Lee Parada, who is accused of attempting to burglarize Paris Hilton's house last August, the socialite and boyfriend Cy Waits were approached by the other guy arrested outside of her house last year, James Rainford.

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Rainford grabbed Waits' neck outside of the court building in Van Nuys, Calif., but he was quickly separated from the couple. In the video, you can hear Hilton shout, "That's another intruder who came to my house on a bike!" This later was confirmed by Paris' rep and Rainford himself, who explained to E! News that he wanted Paris' autograph and her father's permission to propose to her. Rainford was detained and booked for a misdemeanor offense. He is being held on $20,000 bail.

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Watch the attack: