Paris Hilton by Denise Truscello/ Paris Hilton by Denise Truscello/
Paris, you look Marvel-ous. Such is the opinion of legendary comic stripper Stan Lee, who tells the New York

Daily News he's developing an animated MTV series (à la Pam Anderson's Stripperella) starring the headline-turning heiress. A start date has not been set. Elsewhere in Parisland (we just live in it): " Hilton left the medical ward Wednesday night and returned to Century Regional Detention Center to finish her sentence. In a Thursday-mormning press conference, a sheriff's department spokesperson declared her medical condition "stable." " Paris has shed five pounds in the clink, a source tells the News, because she's "still depressed and not eating or sleeping much." A law enforcement source tells TMZ, "To describe Paris as emotionally upset would be an understatement." " An analysis by the Los Angeles Times finds that should Paris actually serve 23 days, she will have done more time than 80 percent of other (albeit not-as-hot) people in similar situations. POLL: Who do you think will bounce back best professionally, Paris or Isaiah Washington? Vote here.