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Sure, he cheated on her (and lied about it), but Parenthood fans have been secretly rooting for Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) to get back together... until the arrival of Jasmine's new boyfriend, Dr. Joe (D.B. Woodside). "People either say, 'When are you two getting back together?!' or 'Stay with the doctor, girl. He's hot. He's a doctor,'" Bryant tells with a laugh. "It goes both ways."

On Tuesday's episode (10/9c, NBC), Crosby and Jasmine must finally face the facts and tell their young son that mommy and daddy aren't together anymore now that there's a new man in the picture. Bryant talked with about how they'll break the news, Jasmine's ability to move on and whether she thinks Jasmine and Crosby will ever get back together (brace yourself, fans, it's not pretty!).

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Did you know going into this season that Crosby and Jasmine would still be split up for such a long period of time?
Joy Bryant:
I had a sense of that. I didn't really know where it was going or for how long — if it was going to be forever. But when last season ended, I kind of expected it. "Oh, they're going to do a little twist, and we're not going to be together." I guess that's kind of how it has to be on TV, giving them a little bit of drama.

Beyond the TV reasons for keeping them apart, do you feel it's natural for Crosby and Jasmine not to be together at this point?
Even though I'd love for Jasmine and Crosby to be together, I'm psyched that we're showing a relationship where the parents aren't married and raising a kid. It gives us a lot to do. It reflects a lot of parents out there with a similar dynamic. I'm psyched for us to explore that type of interaction when you're living apart and dating and how that comes into play with your kids. It's funny because when I go through stuff on the show, I don't tell anybody what's going on, but I have a couple friends going through that same dynamic. It's always weird that whatever I'm filming is what some of my friends are going through.

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Tomorrow night's episode deals with how Jasmine and Crosby tell Jabbar about their split. How do they handle it?
Crosby and Jasmine kind of assumed that Jabbar kind of just got it. The fact that they're not living in the same house means they're not getting married. But what we're going to see is that they assume too much from this little kid. You still have to break things down. He's not a teenager, he's a child. There are some things that go over his head. Since they're not in the same household dealing with an issue with their child, the question is how do they deal with that together in a united front? How do you give him the truth without breaking his heart? You have to be honest. You don't want him living in a fairy tale world.

Why do you think Jasmine has been able to move on more quickly than Crosby?
I think because of what transpired between them and the reason that they broke up. Whenever you're the one that's in the wrong, it's easy for you to say let's forgive and forget. But he was the one that was in the wrong back then, so for Jasmine — after she got over the shock and the sadness of that — she was able to just pick up and keep it moving. But I'm sure there's guilt and a lot of other things tied up with Crosby. It wasn't easy for her. She still has feelings for him. There's a time when you just have to move on with your life. Crosby will always be in her life because of Jabbar.

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Do you think Jasmine will ever be able to move on completely and ignore those feelings or is there a part of her that is still hopeful for them to reunite?
I'm not sure if it's a part of her that hopes they can come get together, but there's always going to be a part of her that is going to have feelings for him. Does that mean Jasmine and Crosby will end up together at some point? Honestly, I really don't know. But there's always going to be a place in her heart for him. That doesn't mean you're going to get back together, but when you love someone, you kind of always love them. You may not like them or like what they do, but you still love them.  Especially because they are raising a child together, there has to be a mutual respect between the two of them so that their child isn't picking up on some weird energy and so they can raise him in a healthy environment. He's always going to have a place in her heart, as I'm sure there will be a place in his heart for her.

Down the road, do you want Jasmine and Crosby back together?
Honestly, I can kind of go either way. It would be great for them to be together, but then there's also so many things to explore with them not being together. There's still a connection between them, so that's great to examine when they're both dating other people and how do they raise this kid together even though they're apart? There's still a lot of meat there. Life doesn't always end up with a bow wrapped around it. I love this show. I love the path that we've been on so I'm down to continue down that road, be ever it so blindly, because I don't know what the end result is going to be.

Parenthood airs on Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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