Peter Krause Peter Krause

Let's be honest: Everyone could use a little Adam Braverman in their life. 

Since NBC's Parenthood debuted in 2010, we've watched Zeke and Camille's firstborn — played so perfectly by Peter Krause — grow from being a tad neurotic and overprotective to quickly become the family's shoulder to cry on and one of our favorite characters on television. Whether it was attempting to "hip it up" to get a rapper's business, wearing a pirate costume for his son Max (Max Burkholder), trying to find the perfect wig for his wife Kristina (Monica Potter) during chemo or unleashing his signature dance moves (aka "The Fever"), here are the 31 times (so far) we have adored Adam Braverman.

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1. He finally understands Max is different and joins him in wearing his favorite pirate costume.

2. He assures Crosby (Dax Shepard) he'll feel a connection to Jabar (Tyree Brown).

3. He accepts Haddie (Sarah Ramos) has her first boyfriend and shakes his hand.

4. He finds out Kristina might be faking her orgasms and makes sure it'll never happen again.

5. He shows Haddie how Kristina once campaigned and successfully fought for a park. 

6. He has a name for his signature dance moves.

7. He urges Zeke (Craig T. Nelson) to forgive Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) for also cheating.

8. He explains why men should always be sorry.

9. He fell in love with Kristina over cheese fries.

10. He punches a guy for calling his son a "retard." (Although we don't condone violence.)

11. He accidently gets high and unleashes "The Fever."

12. He finds out Haddie is having sex and handles it in the best way possible.  

13. He goes to bat for Alex (Michael B. Jordan) and gets the charges against him dropped.

14. He tries to be cool for the sake of his and Crosby's business.

15. When Kristina feels self-conscious after Nora's birth, he says this:

16. He turns down a huge financial offer because he knows how much The Luncheonette means to Crosby:

17. He schedules sex in his calendar and calls it this:

18. He gets Kristina pot to help her through chemo.

19. He urges Max to go to the school dance for his mom.

20. He tries to pick out a wig for Kristina after she shaves her head.

21. He helps his son through puberty.

22. He surprises Kristina with tickets to Hawaii.

23. He urges Sarah (Lauren Graham) to not push Amber (Mae Whitman) away.

24. He helps Drew (Miles Heizer) get a girl.

25. He convinces Mr. Ray to donate money to Kristina's campaign.

26. He gives a great pep talk before the campaign results.

27. He throws eggs at Bob Little's billboard.

28. After Max is humiliated he cheers him up with basketball.

29. He cheers up his sister with "The Fever."

30. He relives his childhood before his parents sell the house.

31. He comes to the rescue during a food crisis.

What's your favorite Adam Braverman moment?

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