Tommy Schlamme Tommy Schlamme

ABC is hoping it has the next Mad Men with Pan Am, an early 1960's-set drama focusing on the sexy stewardesses (as flight attendants were known back then) of Pan Am's state- of-the-art aircraft, The Majestic. Though just a pilot at this point, the project is in very good hands, with West Wing director Tommy Schlamme charged with bringing this world to life. Our flight crew includes Maggie, Kate, Laura, Colette, charming pilot Dean and his co-pilot Ted.

Maggie, we will learn, is leading a double life. When not all dolled up on her flights, she is living as a bohemian beatnik in New York's Greenwich Village.

Kate is secretly an undercover CIA agent. Her gorgeous sister, Laura, is new to the stewardess world, having just ditched her fiancé at the altar.

Sexy, sophisticated and worldly French woman Colette is having an affair with John, who turns up on The Majestic's maiden flight to London with his wife and kid.

Dean, our pilot, is having an affair with the plane's purser, Bridget, who goes missing in Eastern Europe. (Sounds to me like an assignment for Agent Kate!)

And Ted, it seems, is just a sexy wiseguy who will be trying to cop a feel any chance he gets.

So given all of that, are you ready to book a ticket on The Majestic this fall?

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