Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson

After living with Hepatitis C for 16 years, Pamela Anderson might finally get cured.

She told People that she's going on the new antiviral medication that clears up the liver disease in a matter of weeks. Before the drug was approved by the FDA, Hepatitis C was considered incurable.

When she was diagnosed, the former Baywatch star said it was treated as "a death sentence." She came out publicly about it in 2002, saying she had contracted it from sharing a needle with her ex, Tommy Lee — a claim he denied.

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Now, thanks to the new treatment, "I could be Hep C free within the month," Anderson reported. She said thankfully, she's had no liver damage or side effects from the disease so far, and she's looking forward to a hepatitis-free future.

Best of luck in your recovery!

WATCH: Pamela Anderson talks about her new book, Raw, which comes out Sept. 1:

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