Pamela Anderson by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images Pamela Anderson by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

From Baywatch to a world-famous home movie to a record 12 Playboy covers, Pam Anderson busts boundaries whenever she can. Now she's reinventing the reality show with Pam: Girl on the Loose (Sundays at 10 pm/ET, E!): a docu-style peek into her private life that's finds her baring her soul instead of her bod. So we asked her to keep us abreast. - Damian Holbrook

TV Guide: As one of the world's sexiest vegetarians, how much of this show will focus on your animal-rights work?
Pamela Anderson: PETA is a huge part of my life, so you'll get to see some [of our] escapades.

TV Guide: Given your beef with Jessica Simpson (no pun intended), I guess you wouldn't be thrilled about her playing CJ in a Baywatch movie, huh?
Anderson: I don't have a beef with anyone.

TV Guide: What's your take on celebs who still wear fur? L.A. isn't that cold!
Anderson: People are just uneducated about the process. If you knew the torture these animals endure, you couldn't do it. It's a blind eye... to look fuzzy? I don't get it.

TV Guide: Any more Playboy spreads in your future?
Anderson: I love Playboy and Mr. Hefner, [so] I'm sure we'll cross paths.

TV Guide: Are you still in touch with The Hoff?
Anderson: I haven't seen [David] in a while... but I wish him and his family well. I think we've all been through a little crazy.

TV Guide: What are you watching these days?
Anderson: I watch the news. I'm a big Anderson Cooper fan. And I watch Fuel TV and the Military Channel with my sons. Our TVs are hardly on.

TV Guide: Your column in Jane magazine was always so insightful. Any plans to write more?
Anderson: I like writing for Jane... this show is my version of writing I guess. I get to express myself, share my beliefs and philosophies [on camera], instead of in writing.

TV Guide: I've always kind of rooted for you and Tommy. Care to set the record straight about you two crazy kids?
Anderson: I have no desire to clear anything up with Tommy... in the press anyway.