Pair of Kings Pair of Kings

Imagine a world where you could have a twin of another race, date a mermaid, and be a king as a teenager. That's what life is like on Disney's latest action-adventure series Pair of Kings. Starring Doc Shaw (The Suite Life on Deck) and Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana), Kings will premiere on Disney, then moves over to Disney XD, the company's more male-oriented station. But co-star Kelsey Chow (One Tree Hill) says girls have a reason to tune in as well. "We've got a lot of cute boys and (my character) Mikayla is a good role model for girls," she told on a recent visit to the set. Shaw also tells us what's so special about the island of Kinkow and why being a king isn't all it's cracked up to be. What's Pair of Kings all about?
Doc Shaw: Me and Mitchel (Musso) play twin brothers born on this magical island called Kinkow. There you can be born twins of any ethnicity — in our case one of us is black and one of us is white. We were raised in Chicago by our aunt and uncle and what we don't know is that our parents are king and queen of this island that's magical. Once they're swept away by a monsoon, the royal secretary comes to Chicago and tells us it's time for us to come rule our island. Pretty much it's teenagers running an island.

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Shaw: Throughout the show we explain that it's pretty hard being a king and having people's lives on your hands. Are you like your character at all?
Shaw: Boomer (Shaw) is more outgoing, quick to say whatever he wants and he's quick to jump into something — I'm real chill. Brady (Musso) wants to think about it and observe things. Would you say you're more an island or city guy?
Shaw: Is country an option? I would like to go on acres of land and relax on a barn.

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Shaw: If you want to go on a magical fantasy ride than this is definitely the show for you because every episode is full of adventures. We date mermaids ... fight this bird called the waka waka bug — it's like a bee, but six times larger and once it attacks you you're pretty much gone. We fight anything that comes to your imagination. We do a ton of green screen, which takes a really long time, but at the end of the day it looks fantastic. Supernatural and mythological-type shows are so popular right now.
Shaw: I think people go towards things that they can't actually do. I can't fly so I would love to watch a Superman movie. I can't drive a car so I watch NASCAR. Things you can't do without having a lot of training or are so far-fetched always draws you to say, "What if this happened?" We give you those situations on this show.

Pair of Kings premieres Friday at 9/8c on Disney, then moves to Wednesdays at 8/7c on Disney XD. Watch a video of Shaw urging viewers to tune in.