The Byrdes are trying to move up in the world in Season 2 of Ozark, but as they try to compete on the next level for their Mexican drug cartel bosses, things only get messier.

The keyword of Ozark Season 2 is casino. If Marty (Jason Bateman) can get the law changed to allow the building of a casino and then actually get the thing built in six months, his money laundering problems will be over. However, being in bed with the Snells makes the dream of running away with the casino profits a little harder to pull off than originally imagined.

Ozark Season 2 and So Much Other Stuff Is Coming to Netflix in August

The Season 2 dropped Sunday and revealed that Ruth (Julia Garner) is still struggling with her guilt over setting up her uncles for death in Season 1 and the Byrdes' kids are getting more and more uncomfortable with their parents' nefarious dealings. As the season goes on, the Byrdes struggle with how they've fallen down the moral black hole of becoming like their employers. Is there any possible happy ending for these characters?

Ozark Season 2 launches Aug. 31 on Netflix

OzarkPeter Mullan and Jason Batemen, <em>Ozark</em>OzarkPeter Mullan and Jason Batemen, Ozark