With an overindulgent run of nearly two and a half months, it's surprising this series didn't OD like so many rock stars before it. Lord knows that recapping it for two, sometimes three, consecutive nights each week brought me closer to joining Jim Morrison in that bathtub in Paris than I've ever cared to be. And I didn't make it easy on myself tonight. On the finale, of all nights, I set the VCR and headed out to catch a wicked live set by lap-steel wiz Slo-Mo and Philly's underdog roots-rockers Marah. So it's very late, and I'm watching Brooke Burke introduce all the past contestants. Who are some of these people? Wil? Tara? Maybe it's the Rolling Rock still on my breath, but I don't remember them. And apparently INXS didn't remember how solid their fellow countryman MiG has been throughout the competition, 'cause they showed his Aussie ass the stage door.

Which leaves us with the final two: Marty and J.D. And after that perfect performance with INXS, is it any wonder they chose J.D.? With a little channeling of Michael Hutchence, he made "What You Need" sound effortless yet extravagant. I can't believe I'm saying this about a guy I was so against in the early days of the series, but J.D. deserved to win. (And I know some of you agree; I've read your e-mails.) Now let's hope INXS does something worthwhile with him like release "Pretty Vegas" as their first single. I know I'd buy it, along with a ticket to one of their gigs. See you all there?