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Outlander: Is [Spoiler] the Savior Claire and Jamie Need?

The enemies are on all sides

Megan Vick

It's a party of old faces on Outlander as Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire's (Caitriona Balfe) friends and foes all convene on the island of Jamaica.

The couple finally made it to land in Sunday's episode, "The Bakra," and were relieved to find out that Young Ian (John Bell) had been brought to port. The bad news was that Ian was probably sold as a slave. It would have been near impossible to figure out which plantation Ian was being kept on if it weren't for a ball being held that evening to honor the new governor.

The ball also came with bittersweet events. The bitter is that Geillis (Lette Verbeek) survived her near-execution in Season 1, relocated to Jamaica and is now holding Ian as leverage to redeem the sapphire Jamie gave Lord John Grey (David Berry) as proof of his trip to Silkies Island earlier in the season. Geillis needs that last sapphire in order for her fortune teller to reveal the prophecy of how to return a Scottish king to the British throne.

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The sweet is that the new governor of Jamaica was none other than John Grey. His appearance not only allowed Jamie to find out the latest about his son Willie, but John still kept the sapphire close by to help him remember Jamie. This stroke of luck for Geillis allowed her to get the prophecy revealed at the party -- a Scottish king will return to the throne when a 200-year-old baby is killed on the day it is born. Geillis has yet to figure it out, but it's interesting that the number is 200, the same time-span Claire traveled when going through the stones.

The luck was not as good for Jamie and Claire towards the end of the party. They discovered that Geillis lied to them and is the one holding Ian, but before they could chase her down, Jamie was arrested for his crimes back in Edinburgh and dragged away in chains.

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The Frasers are going to need someone with a lot of influence to be able to pardon Jamie of his charges, or at least get him released from bond. Oh, that's right, John Grey is the governor of Jamaica. Having a man of John's influence get Jamie out of this predicament seems a lot easier than having to stage another prison break, especially if Jamie and Claire want to find Ian before Geillis gets up to her evil tricks with him. Getting John to intervene on murder charges though may mean that Claire will need to stop giving him the side-eye over his lingering feelings for Jamie. At the end of the day, John Grey is the ally and the savior the Frasers need at yet another desperate time.

Outlander Season 3 concludes next Sunday, Dec. 10 at 8/7c on Starz.