[Warning! The following contains spoilers from Saturday's episode of Outlander read at your own risk]

Outlander says goodbye to another Fraser foe as Le Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber) met his untimely demise in Saturday's episode — but it wasn't the event to rejoice for as fans might expect.

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) finally got revenge on the man who tried to poison her and threatened her husband, but in Le Comte's final moments she realized that she didn't actually want him to die. "I could actually be moved to tears by the fact that in her eyes she was not really responsible for [my death]," Weber tells TVGuide.com. "She was not happy about it. I thought it was a tremendous display of humanity from her and her character."

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Le Comte was on trial for black magic and King Louis recruited Claire to determine if the ship merchant was actually using mystical powers. She concocted a potion that would make Le Comte seem ill but wouldn't kill him — proving he had a pure heart — but the mixture was poisoned by Master Raymond (Dominique Pinon). Claire was forced to deliver it to Le Comte or risk losing her leverage with King Louis, whom she needed to free Jamie (Sam Heughan) from prison.

Stanley Webber, <em>Outlander</em>Stanley Webber, Outlander

The dilemma created a complicated exchange between Claire and Le Comte, who have been sworn enemies since the start of the season. Despite everything that the two characters have put each other through — lost shipments, potential miscarriages, attempted rape, robberies — there was a moment before Le Comte drank the potion where the pair was able to find forgiveness for the other, though that wasn't explicitly written in the script.

"I like to think that there is some forgiveness about it. When you're on the verge of death there's a lot of different emotions and feelings that come up," Weber explains. "He's been so tremendously bad and done so many bad things. He probably is happy for forgiveness in a way. I like that he's forgiving Claire, but also asking her for forgiveness for things that he's done."

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Le Comte's execution, intended or not, was another step in the downward spiral for Claire's soul since she and Jamie arrived in Paris. She came face to face with the darkness Jamie warned her would come for them if they let politics and lies take over their souls. Claire will have to carry the Le Comte's death on her conscience forever, but with Jamie out of prison the Frasers can now return to Scotland and put this dark chapter behind them.

Outlander continues Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.