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See the Charming Outlander Gag Reel and Sam Heughan with Guyliner

See how Gabaldon is involved in Season 2!

Jessica Roy

On Saturday, Outlander fans got a treat worthy of a laird: A panel featuring the cast and author of the original book series, talking about what's coming up in Season 2.

In the Season 1 finale, time traveler Claire (Caitriona Balfe) has to figure out how to heal Scottish warrior Jamie's (Sam Heughan) body and soul after he's held prisoner and raped by Captain "Black Jack" Randall (Tobias Menzies). After she pulls him back from the brink, Murtagh and the Mackenzies decide to ship the newlyweds off to France, where Season 2 begins.

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The Comic-Con panel featured author Diana Gabaldon, Balfe, Heughan, and executive producers Ronald D. Moore and Maril Davis.

First, they showed a sped-up preview of Season 2. There were lots of fancy dresses, sumptuous French mansions, and scantily clad women.

Oh, and of course, a sex scene. (Cue delighted, wild screams from the packed room at Comic-Con.)

Season 2's plot will follow the second book in the series, where Claire and Jamie use her knowledge of the future to try and squelch the Jacobite rebellion before it can go horribly wrong. Also: Claire is pregnant!

"We're picking up and we're going to Paris," Moore said. He told the audience that creating France was a huge production: "New sets, new costumes, it's a completely new show. ... Everything had to be done from scratch, because none of the Scottish stuff worked."

But don't worry about never seeing Jamie in a kilt again: They return to Scotland halfway through the season.

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Some more highlights:

Diana Gabaldon is writing a script The author reports she'll be penning one of the episodes this season. "So far I'm having a lot of fun with it," Gabaldon reported.

And of course, she's working on another book in the series. She doesn't know if it will be the last -- "I won't know until I'm finished writing," she said. But she does know what the ultimate scene in the series will be: She told the audience it popped into her head 15 years ago and she wrote it all down. Heughan and Moore are the only people in the world who've read it.

Fifty Shades of Sassenach At one point, moderator Kristin Dos Santos pulled a fresh bottle of Laphroaig whiskey out of the podium. "It just appeared here!" she joked. Heughan poured everyone a glass, then Dos Santos introduced a game called "Visage Impossible," where everyone had to read from a piece of paper without smiling or laughing. Moore successfully read a line about a sassenach bringing a sausage into a French whorehouse. Heughan pulled a very serious face and, in his a perfect Scottish accent, turned to Gabaldon and said, "I must admit, the thought of grinding your corn does tickle me."

On round two of the game, they read reader-submitted lines, most of which were from Fifty Shades of Grey. Then Balfe enacted a number of fan fiction scripts when she read, "You know nothing, Jamie Fraser" out loud.

Under the kilt "I'm not going to ask you what you wear under the kilt, because I'm sure you get that all the time," Dos Santos said. "How many times have you been asked that?"

"Today?" Heughan joked. "I get asked it all the time. I should probably come up with a good answer to it, because I still don't have one."

But I don't want to be a pirate! Dos Santos said that in a reader contest, fans voted to see Sam Heughan dress up as Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time. He obliged -- and even let Balfe put eyeliner on him. Observe:

The panel also previewed the Season 1 gag reel, which will be part of the Blu-Ray/DVD set when it comes out on Sept. 29. Check it out:

Outlander will return to Starz in 2016.

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