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4 Tips for Surviving "Droughtlander" From Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

Don't forget your personal needs!

Megan Vick

Outlander fans still don't have an end date for their "Droughtlander" woes as Starz has yet to announce the premiere date for Season 4.

The time between seasons for Outlander is the toughest for its devoted audience, so TV Guide went to the series' stars to ask what they recommend for getting through these lonely days. Caitriona Balfe had some practical and important advice, while Sam Heughan had some needed words of encouragement. Here's how you survive the Outlander break, according to those who know the most.

Everything We Know AboutOutlander Season 4

1. Don't forget your everyday responsibilities: First things first, Caitriona doesn't want you neglecting your everyday to-do list because you're so sad you can't watch Jamie and Claire be the perfect couple. "Feed your kids, feed yourself. Get out and go for a walk. Try not to let the house plants die," she reminds you. It's solid advice. Keeping your daily routine will help you stay busy and distract from the pain. Don't let your life go to ruin over the agony!

2. Rewatch the series: There are three full seasons of Outlander at your disposal and they might be your best bet for ridding woes that you don't have new ones to watch. This is also a Caitriona-approved method of coping. Outlander is available with the Starz subscription on Hulu or Amazon Prime or the Starz app!

Outlander Has Already Begun Working on Season 5

3. Read the books: There are nine Outlander novels already available via Kindle, e-reader or at your favorite book store. Both Caitriona and Sam recommend you spend some time with them. Each season of Outlander covers one of the novels, which means there's an extra six epic adventures that show watchers could experience before it even airs. That's so much additional Outlander content!

4. Drink: Maybe book spoilers aren't your thing, but you can get down with some alcohol. Since the show is heading to America, Sam suggests you switch from ale and wine to bourbon. He says that will "pass a few days away," and every little bit helps, right? (Please drink responsibly.)

Bonus: Check out our Everything to Know About Season 4 article with extra scoop about what to expect from the new season from Sam, Caitriona and the executive producers.

If that still isn't enough, Sam offered a bit of light at the end of this dark tunnel: "The Droughtlander might not be as long, who knows?" he teased. Oh let us know when it will end!

Outlander returns later in 2018.

​Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, Outlander

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, Outlander

Casey Crafford