Hans Hans

ABC's Once Upon a Time is going full-fledged Frozen. After adding Queen Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff to the upcoming fourth season of the fairy-tale drama, the show just couldn't help itself and is bringing on one more character.

Prince Hans will be joining the cast of Once Upon a Time next season, TVLine reports. In the film, Hans was a dashing prince who was romantically entangled with Elsa's sister Anna while trying to inherit the throne. But there was much, much more to Hans than what was originally thought.

Here's your first look at Frozen's Elsa From Once Upon a Time

No actor has been cast in the role of Hans yet. As previously announced, Fringe's Georgina Haig will play Elsa, newcomer Elizabeth Lail was cast as Anna, and Greek's Scott Michael Foster was handed the role of Kristoff.

Who do you think should play Hans?

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