Ellen Degeneres Ellen Degeneres

"Selfie" may have been declared the 2013 word of the year, but the social media form of self-validation is still going strong.

On Sunday night's Oscars telecast, host Ellen DeGeneres made her way into the crowd and made some of Hollywood's biggest stars an offer they couldn't refuse: the selfie-to-end-all-selfies. Once Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence were on board, it was just a matter of how many stars could fit into the photo at once.

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Equipped with a gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Bradley Cooper did the snapping honors. And while fans can see bits of Lupita Nyong'o's and Jared Leto's faces, poor Liza Minnelli is blocked completely in the back.

Unlike DeGeneres' other comedy bits on the show (hello, pizza?), the selfie is an instant hit. Within 30 minutes it racked up more than 400,000 retweets, and as of 10 p.m. PT, it has passed the 2 million mark for retweets. This makes it the most retweeted image of all time, surpassing previous record holder President Barack Obama, whose re-election tweet achieved 778,424 retweets.

Check out the photo below:

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