So much wild stuff happened at the 89th Academy Awards Sunday — from sugary treats falling from the ceiling to host Jimmy Kimmel roasting Meryl Streep ("Is that an Ivanka?" he cracked) to the Dolby Theater filling with a busload of wide-eyed tourists who apparently had no idea they were being led into the hottest ticket in the world — the ceremony was indeed one for the books.

Literally, it made history, with a you-had-to-see-to-believe flub by presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway awarding La La Land Best Picture winner over the actual winner, Moonlight. It's a ceremony you'll most definitely want to watch again but, you know, not for that whole hours-long block.

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Luckily, has you covered: you can watch the best of the show here in just a minute. Which, as we know now, more than enough time for you to turn your head and miss a major, earth-shattering moment. Here you'll see Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox's wicked cool DeLorean moment; the Hidden Figures cast welcoming one of the women who inspired the film, Katherine Johnson, to the stage; and Viola Davis' moving acceptance speech — in less time than it takes you to text someone, "WTH just happened?!"