" Despite his winning appearance as a presenter on Sunday's telecast, Jerry Seinfeld is unlikely to host next year's Academy Awards, as has been buzzed about for the past few days. Here's why: The animated Bee Movie, which is written by and stars Seinfeld, and opens in November, is likely to net an Oscar nod, reports the New York Daily News, effectively disqualifying the comedian from emceeing the show.

" YouTube on Tuesday complied with a "request" from the Academy to take down all unauthorized clips from the broadcast, such as Ellen DeGeneres' opening spiel and musical numbers featuring Will Ferrell (which had racked up 250,000 views) and Beyoncé (which had, well, thousands viewing her rack). The official Oscars website offers a five-minute clip of highlights, as well as footage from the backstage "Thank-You Cam."

" Babel director Alejandro González Iñárritu and other collaborators on the film, including cast members Gael García Bernal and Adriana Barraza, are publicly lambasting screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga for "claiming media attention" (read: hogging the limelight) and not recognizing that movies "are an art of deep collaboration," reports the AP. Isn't this like squabbling over who gets dibs on a stale donut?

I share a few Oscar-related thoughts of my own in a new Trivial Matt'rs blog entry.

UPDATED to correct Babel item, in which the director's and screenwriter Arriaga's names were errantly transposed.