A few postscripts to Sunday's Academy Awards:

" This year's kudoscast drew 39.9 million total viewers, a million-head gain from 2006's anemic audience. With Ellen DeGeneres at the helm, the show also noted a 15 percent boost in women 18-34.

" The Departed's Oscar winners, director Martin Scorsese and scribe William Monahan, may reteam for The Long Play, a rock 'n' roll epic that follows two friends through 40 years in the music business. ( Variety)

" Helen Mirren may be invited to tea with the real Queen Elizabeth II - whom, a Buckingham Palace says, was "pleased" by her portrayer's best-actress win. (AP)

" The goodie bag for presenters at this year's "green" Oscars consisted solely of "a gift of 100,000 lbs. of greenhouse-gas reductions from carbon-offset retailer TerraPass." Don't worry, I'm feeling clueless, too. But that's why I gave you the link.