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Orphan Black Roll Call: What's Next for the Clones in Season 2?

"Right now is the time to resist our predisposition to impulsive behavior." When the second season of sci-fi thriller Orphan Black returns Saturday (9/8c, BBC America), we'll see just how little the clones heed Cosima's advice.

Hanh Nguyen

"Right now is the time to resist our predisposition to impulsive behavior."
When the second season of sci-fi thriller Orphan Black returns Saturday (9/8c, BBC America), we'll see just how little the clones heed Cosima's advice. After all, danger appears to be written into their DNA. But while the evo-devo student may have reasons to slow her roll, her clone sibs seem to leap headlong into trouble.
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Who is heading for heartbreak? And who will have a falling out? Check out what the Clone Club can expect in Season 2:
Clones (Tatiana Maslany)
Sarah Manning
Where we left off: Sarah shot her twin sister Helena and then discovered that her daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) and foster mother Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) had gone missing.
What's next: Co-creator Graeme Manson tells TVGuide.com that when we return, Sarah is in a state of "rash desperation." She's penniless and no one is bothering to pick up the phone to help track down her family. "That resourceful Sarah we saw in Season 1 has come into play again," Manson adds.
Cosima Niehaus
Where we left off: She discovered that the clones' DNA has a sort of genetic barcode that stamps them as intellectual property. She also has come down with a respiratory disease that has affected a few other clones already.
What's next: Cosima's health fails as she continues to research the clones' possible genetic defect. Manson offers these somewhat comforting words: "People can at least take hope in the fact that she's my favorite clone, and I don't want her to die either! But what she's going through is heartbreaking."
Alison Hendrix
Where we left off: The soccer mom let her suspected clone monitor Aynsley (Natalie Lisinska) die in a freak garbage disposal accident, even though we know that her husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun) is really the one watching over her. Oops! She also signed an agreement with the Dyad Institute, which created the clones.
What's next: "Alison is wound really tight, and it's going to be a lot of fun when that spring goes," Manson says. Learning any number of truths could trigger that spring, but we're sure a little wine will help ease her frazzled nerves. Also, expect to see her take up a new hobby, which is even more spectacular than what you imagine.
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Rachel Duncan

Where we left off: The "proclone" was raised by and works for Dyad, which runs on the concept of Neolution, self-directed evolution. She's intent on getting her clone sibs to work with the facility now that they're aware they're the results of an experiment.
What's next: "Exploring what Rachel is and what makes her tick is a really juicy and interesting part of the season," says Manson. "Everybody ends up with their own agenda."
Friends and Frenemies

Felix Dawkins (Jordan Gavaris)
Where we left off: Sarah's often bare-bottomed foster brother is taken in by the police for questioning but ultimately stays mum.
What's next: "The Felix-Sarah relationship is tested in this season." Manson says. "It's not all wine and roses for them. Stuff comes crashing up to Felix's door." He will also have more interaction with Alison and Cosima.

Paul Dierden (Dylan Bruce)
Where we left off: The monitor of deceased clone Beth Childs fell hard for Sarah but is under Dyad's thumb.
What's next: "Paul is between a rock and a hard place, and he always has been, but he's sort of stuck between Sarah and Dyad, and that's part of the reason why he's still valuable to Dyad," Manson says. Sarah will have to discover whether or not she still trusts him. As for romance? "That's the last thing on her mind," Manson says. 

Delphine Cormier (Evelyne Brochu)
Where we left off: Dyad's lovely immunologist was assigned to monitor Cosima and fell for her in the process.
What's next: "That mysterious, untrustworthy, loving, sexy, complicated relationship with Cosima and Delphine is still going," Manson says. "I like that Cosima maybe made mistakes in that she trusted her too much."
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Kira Manning

Where we left off: Kira, the only viable offspring of any of the clones, was missing after most likely being kidnapped.
What's next:
Sarah will discover who took Kira, who also surprised a doctor with her unique physiology last season. Manson would not reveal if we would discover what that surprise entailed, but says, "She sort of a linchpin in our biological mystery for sure."
Mrs. S
Where we left off: Her home was ransacked, and she too was missing.
What's next: "Everyone will start to cross paths," Manson says. "Mrs. S is a good example of that. She's got lots of skeletons. " Expect to learn more about Mrs. S' past.

Det. Art Bell (Kevin Hanchard)

Where we left off: He came thisclose to learning the truth about the clones from Sarah until she was whisked away at the last second by Rachel's lawyer
What's next: Sarah will have to decide if she can trust Art with her secret, while he does his own investigation. "Art gets drawn in tighter and makes some interesting allegiances as well," Manson teases.
Dr. Aldous Leekie (Matt Frewer)
Where we left off: He's the leader of the Neolutionists and runs the Dyad Institute.
What's next: Leekie seemingly makes inroads with gaining one clone's trust. We will also encounter one of his contemporaries at Dyad, Miriam Bowles (Michelle Forbes), who has a long history with him.
Fresh Faces 
Jennifer Fitzsimmons

Who she is: The newest clone is a midwestern swim coach and high school teacher.
What to expect: After doctors discover polyps on her lungs, she turns to Dyad for treatment and keeps a video diary of her progress.  

Henrik Johanssen (Peter Outerbridge)

Who he is: The leader of a new sect of Proletheans, the religious extremist group that raised Sarah's sister Helena into believing that unnatural creatures need to be eradicated.
What to expect: He's not your daddy's Prolethean! It appears Henik and his followers embrace some science in their religion. "If [Helena's teacher] was Old World, this is New World," Manson says. "This would be the equivalent of a born-again Neolutionist, a Neo-Neolutionist."
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Cal (Michiel Huisman)

Who he is: Sarah's former flame, who once had a bright tech career ahead of him before he walked away from it when corporate interests took over.
What to expect: Although he's living off the grid now, Manson says, "The clone world comes crashing into him and leaves him reeling. He is a resourceful and intelligent person who's very intuitive as well. He becomes a reluctant ally."
Jesse (Patrick J. Adams)
Who he is: The Suitsstar tells TVGuide.com that Jesse is "a small-town guy who very strangely comes into the life of one of the clones for a very short period of time. I think he's a pretty good guy."
What to expect: "I got to work with my favorite clone, which I can't say who it is," Adams says. "I think he most certainly could find a way to come back." Manson confirms this possibility: "He may be able to return in this role at some point. It's a really, really good use of a guest star I think."
Project LEDA
What it is: It's referred to, along with the dates 1977 and the blacked-out names of two professors, on the back of the photograph that Sarah gets from her birth mother. The picture shows a young man and woman in lab coats.
What to expect: Sarah will delve into the mystery of Project LEDA and what it may have to do with her origins. Manson confirms that the name of the project is a classical reference. "Zeus came down in the guise of a swan," he says. "Leda was a human princess. She had twins with half-god properties, Castor and Pollux." Hmm, Sarah is a twin...
Are you excited for Orphan Black's return? Whom can Sarah trust? Do you think Cosima will die? What do you think Project LEDA is?
Orphan Black returns Saturday at 9/8c on BBC America.

(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng.)