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The Originals' Joseph Morgan: Freya Is the Female Klaus!

Plus: Scoop on Dahlia's big entrance

Robyn Ross

If The Originals' Klaus thought his mother was a terrible person, wait until he meets his aunt!

Before Klaus (Joseph Morgan) faces Dahlia (Claudia Black), who can threaten the person who means the most to Klaus, he'll have another family member to contend with: his sister Freya (Riley Voelkel), who was recently revealed to be alive. On Monday's episode (8/7c, CW), Klaus will have to trust Freya in order to save their other sister Rebekah, whose host body, that of evil witch Eva Sinclair (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), is starting to take over.

Find out how Klaus plans to take down Eva while saving his sister, how he'll use Aiden (Colin Woodell) to manipulate Jackson (Nathan Parsons), and if we'll see more of him with baby. Plus: Will there be a time-jump before next season?

Dahlia is finally coming to town! What can you say about her?
Joseph Morgan:
Claudia is so good [as Dahlia]. She's super subtle and, as she likes to put it, she's not twirling the mustache. Yet she brings an intensity to the role. A lot of my [scenes] are tied up with Dahlia as we get towards the end of the season. We know what a threat she is, but we're going to find out how she feels and what she wants.

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Klaus doesn't trust his sister Freya. Is he shutting her out too quickly or will he prove that his instincts were right?
I feel like a bit of both is true. He is shutting her out too quickly because there's opportunity there. She's a powerful witch and she definitely wants -- or seems to want -- to be a part of the family. But I think she has her own motives and goals in mind and she's kind of ruthless. I saw her described as a female Klaus and I think that's true. She will trample down people in her past to get what she wants. He's right to take [what she says] with a pinch of salt, but he has such little patience. He'll flare up and snap a neck when he should be sitting down for a chat. So, he could do well to listen to Elijah and not be so quick to shut someone out.

Eva has taken over Rebekah, who's in her body. Will Klaus struggle with how to neutralize her without killing his sister forever?
Morgan: That's exactly the struggle he faces in [Monday's episode]. It would be easy to just kill her, but he can't do that because but there are parts of Rebekah that are still in there. It's a delicate operation, and they have to find a way to bring her out of there and suppress Eva somehow. What's exciting for me about the episode is to see more of Maisie playing Eva.

Klaus is priming Aiden to take over as the leader of the pack. Will we see more of Klaus "mentoring" him?
Klaus is really trying to get Aiden in his back pocket because if Aiden can take the pack, then he's manipulating Jackson out of the way and getting into the position where he can take him out. We'll see more of that and I enjoy that relationship as well because it's nice to see Aiden struggle and to be so stuck. He's fighting for his life and in way over his head, but there is part of him that believes his decisions would be better than Jackson's. Maybe he would make a better alpha. He certainly took care of the pack while Jackson was away. He kept things running. We are going to go further in that story line and see how Aiden feels with all the pressure of that.

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I love seeing Klaus with baby Hope. Will we learn more about her innate powers?
Morgan: It's been a little while, but there is some stuff coming up. I'm hoping going into Season 3 we delve into [her powers] because it was a beautiful moment when the car stopped short of the safe house and they ended with the shot on the baby looking off. It was so creepy! Personally, I would love a time jump before Season 3, but I'm not sure how we would do that because we're still tied to the timeline of The Vampire Diaries to enable crossovers. But it would be cool if we jumped a few years and Hope is a little girl.

How would Klaus be as a dad by then?
I take pleasure in playing the awkward tentativeness he approaches having a child with. Because after you're 1,000 years old, to have something new and uncomfortable is a surprise and a gift for me as an actor. I still don't think he's 100 percent comfortable with being a father. When she starts to talk, I think it'll be a whole other thing for him.

Regardless, it's pretty crazy how far he's come.
Morgan: When I first found out he was going to have a child [I thought], "Wouldn't it be wonderful to see this mass-murdering psychopath holding a tiny, innocent creature feeling this pure love?" {She] was really the opposite of what he is and what he stood for so long. So, it was nice to have that realized. That point [when he held Hope], you could put a pin in it and go that's a turning point for him, a bench mark.

The Originals returns on Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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