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The Originals' Klaus is about to become a baby daddy, but will that change anything in the villainous vampire?

"I hope so," Joseph Morgan tells "There is certainly potential for it. If Klaus sees the baby or gets to hold the baby, I don't know if it'll make him go more in that [nurturing] direction or send him the other way. I can see him not being able to handle it. With him becoming a father it's interesting to see how that affects his bloodlust."

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On Tuesday's freshman season finale, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will try to protect her unborn child from the witches who have taken her into captivity with plans to suck up all the baby's magical powers. As we've seen in the preview, the baby will definitely be born, but will Klaus figure out a way to keep her alive? Keep reading for more from Morgan and co-executive producer Michael Narducci about the Season 1 finale, as well as some scoop on next season, including Rebekah's return.

How, if at all, will the birth of the baby change Klaus?
Michael Narducci:
 The birth of the child will humble Klaus, fill him with a newfound connection to his own family, and offer him a glimpse at the kind of unrequited love he's longed for his entire life. At the same time, the child represents an incredible vulnerability, and Klaus will be shaken to his core by the threat his enemies pose to his child. 

Alliances are constantly shifting. Who do you see as true allies? 
 I'd argue that Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) are extremely committed to each other, having shared a bond of family "always and forever" for over a thousand years. They fight, they bicker, they even wage war against each, but there is a commitment that is true to their brotherly bond, and we plan to explore that even more going forward.  At the same time, Klaus' desire to have his way — and Elijah's drive to redeem him — often put them constantly at odds. That's part of the complexity of their dynamic, and of Klaus' character. It's [also] pretty clear that both Elijah and Klaus will do anything to protect Hayley. Klaus wants the baby to be safe, as does Elijah, but at the same time Elijah clearly has strong romantic feelings for Hayley. 

Josh [Steven Krueger], Davina [Danielle Campbell] and Cami [Leah Pipes] have a true friendship and will do anything to protect one another. I think that's been very clear since midway through the season. And, despite his status as a French Quarter power broker, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) truly cares for Cami and, by season's end, will consider Josh one of his guys. As far as Marcel and Davina, remember that Marcel was a child when Klaus saved him, and Davina was pretty young when Marcel saved her. It's clear that Marcel has a code of honor inspired by his own treatment as a little boy and wants to protect kids. Despite his use of Davina to secure his power in the Quarter, Marcel absolutely has an "older brother" relationship and looks out for her. This will continue going forward.

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Rebekah was a big emotional force on the show. Who will we see replace that?
Narducci: I'm in love with Rebekah and we absolutely miss Claire [Holt] on the show. But ... I think there are a lot of emotional connections on The Originals. The father-daughter relationship between Marcel and Davina mirrors the father-son relationship between Klaus and Marcel. I enjoy writing about the killer bastard Klaus and his co-dependent brother Elijah, as well as the forbidden romance between Hayley and Elijah. Then there's the do-or-die friendship between a young, reclusive witch Davina and the recently turned club kid vampire Josh, or the heartbreaking tragedy that befell Kieran (Todd Stashwick) and how his loss changes Cami forever. This show is built on those strong emotions, and we intend to explore all of them — in addition to finding out what's happened to Rebekah's character.  

Hayley has really come into her own. Will she become a power player next season?
 Of all the characters in our ensemble, I am most excited to explore Hayley in Season 2. She experiences a traumatic and fundamental shift that will change her forever and yet, as we approach the finale, it's important to recall her two main drives: protect her child at all cost, and try to do right by her rediscovered werewolf family in the bayou. These two drives define her even more than her budding romance with Elijah and her complicated feelings for Klaus — although both of these drives will have a huge impact on those relationships. 

How has Klaus changed since the beginning of the season?
Definitely the family has become tighter and more important to him — both with his sister and brother and his potential "modern family." They're becoming that tight unit and they'll have to work together to really keep a hold of the city and make things work.

I would say he's become more likable. I like him more, I've always liked him, but I feel like there's more honor. His brother is rubbing off on him! Impending fatherhood has caused him to face his own demons. It's really come full circle and that's the season in a nutshell: him having to deal with his past in order to be able to deal with his future.

The Originals season finale airs Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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