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For a hated vampire, The Originals' Marcel sure has a lot of admirers.

On last week's series premiere, viewers were re-introduced to New Orleans' ruling vamp Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who's gone to many lengths to make sure the city remains under his control. But with his former mentor's arrival, and the help of a few witches he's pissed off along the way, Marcel is faced with getting the Big Easy swept from under him. Good thing Klaus' sister Rebekah (Claire Holt) is coming back to town on Tuesday (8/7c, The CW) since the two have quite the history.

"[Their sexual tension] is high," Davis tells "This is a great episode for them because it flashes back to the 1800s and also goes to present day so you'll get an understanding of their whole relationship." As Holt recently told us, "There's still a really strong attraction between Marcel and Rebekah. There's a really long history there, and I don't think when you have a deep forbidden love that just goes away."

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In addition to the possibility of Rebekah coming over to his side, Marcel also has caught the eye of the show's lone human Cami (Leah Pipes). "In the pilot Marcel was smitten with Cami and he follows that up in tomorrow's episode," Davis says. "He's drawn to the same thing Klaus is drawn to — Cami's intelligence. And not only that she's pretty ballsy. I think that piques his interest."

And then there's Davina (Danielle Campbell), Marcel's secret weapon for controlling the witches. Davis says he loves the dynamic between the two and in this week's episode, Marcel actually introduces her to Rebekah. Speaking of the three very different women in Marcel's life, Davis jokes, "The picture that the writers have on the wall is of me with my finger across my mouth. They put it there when deciding who he has a relationship with, but then realized, who hasn't he had a relationship with? They tease me a lot about that and the different love triangles."

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Despite the several ladies in his corner, Marcel has still got his biggest threat to deal with — Klaus (Joseph Morgan). "He's going to have to keep balancing the spinning plates," Davis says. "Before the Original family came, everything was in order and now he has to go to his two-minute drill, it's a scramble." And in true Vampire Diaries fashion, expect the first part of the battle to come to a head in next week's masquerade ball episode. "The first episode was getting on the roller coaster, working your way up, this week's second episode is reaching the crest and the third, with the masquerade ball, is going down for a fun ride."

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