The real "Cell Phone Man" will be revealed on the first-season finale of
Lifetime's Side Order of Life.

"They said they were looking for a voice that could convey humanity, warmth and a sexy vulnerability - Gilbert Gottfried was unavailable so it fell to me," actor Steven Weber jokingly tells TV Guide.

In the cable net's Ally McBeal-esque hour-long dramedy, Marisa Coughlan plays Jenny, an ambitious magazine writer/photographer who's examining life's purpose with great intensity and a little bit of mysticism.

Since the series' start, she's had ongoing philosophical
conversations with an as-yet unseen guy on a cell phone.

The series closer has Jenny even questioning her own sanity as she consults with a therapist (guest star Carrie Fisher).

Weber describes Side Order as "unabashedly romantic. There are no
explosions and the characters have a vulnerability that is uncommon in

The season finale of Side Order of Life, "Funeral for a Phone," premieres Sunday, Oct. 7, at 10 pm/ET on Lifetime. - Reporting by Nadine Mendoza Province