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Orange Is the New Black: Where We Left Off and What's Next

There's never a dull moment in Litchfield

Liz Raftery

Orange Is the New Blackreturns to Netflix this Friday (June 9), kicking off its fifth season. Though Season 5 spans just three days, don't expect there to be any shortage of action and high drama for the ladies at Litchfield.

In case you need a reminder of where we left off with all the inmates, we've put together a handy primer to refresh your memory about what was happening with all of our favorite characters at the end of Season 4 -- and what awaits them in the new season.

Watch the trailer for Orange Is the New Black Season 5

Piper and Alex (Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon)

Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Piper and Alex got back together and Piper vowed to stay out of trouble, after convincing Alex never to confess to the murder of Kubra's henchman Aydin, who was masquerading as a guard.

What's next: Come on, no one really expects Piper to stay out of trouble, right? Alex, meanwhile, is weighed down by the guilt of knowing she got away with murder, while Lolly (Lori Petty) was sent to the psych ward.

Caputo (Nick Sandow)

Nick Sandow, Orange Is the New Black
JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Caputo went rogue while giving his press conference but still defended CO Bayley, drawing the ire of Poussey's friends in the process because he didn't say her name.

What's next: Caputo may have the best of intentions when it comes to the inmates, but to them, he's just another guard.

Daya (Dascha Polanco)

Dascha Polanco, Orange Is the New Black
Cara Howe/Netflix

Where we left off: Daya picks up CO Humphrey's loaded gun and is pointing it at his head at the end of Season 4, with her fellow inmates gathered around her, urging her to pull the trigger.

What's next: We'll know within the first few minutes of Episode 1 whether or not Daya shoots Humphrey. Regardless of what her choice is, it has repercussions that she never could have foreseen.

Maria (Jessica Pimentel)

Jessica Pimentel, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden//Netflix

Where we left off: Maria's feud with Piper over their rival dirty panty businesses resulted in Maria getting three to five years added on to her sentence. The last we see her, she's urging Daya to think before she does anything stupid with the gun.

What's next: Maria's leadership skills are once again on display, but her loyalties are called into question.

Gloria (Selenis Leyva)

Selenis Leyva, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Gloria said goodbye to her friend Aleida and became even more determined to keep her head down and finish out her own sentence, so that she could get out and return to taking care of her family.

What's next: Gloria's maternal instincts are louder than the voice inside her head telling her that she should probably stay away from the riot for her own good.

Aleida (Elizabeth Rodriguez)

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Orange Is the New Black
JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Aleida's early release came through, so she left Litchfield, determined to get work in a salon and start her life over again.

What's next: Aleida learns that life on the outside is harder than she imagined it would be -- even before she hears about the riot back at Litchfield.

Angie and Leanne (Julie Lake and Emma Myles)

Julie Lake, Emma Myles, Orange Is the New Black
K C Bailey/Netflix

Where we left off: The meth heads fell in with the White Power crew in Season 4, and were last seen alerting inmates in other areas of the prison to the riot as it was breaking out.

What's next: Angie and Leanne finally find themselves on the right side of a power shift in Season 5, but will their friendship be able to survive the strain of their new leadership positions?

Big Boo and Pennsatucky (Lea Delaria and Taryn Manning)

Lea DeLaria, Taryn Manning, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: To Big Boo's disgust, Pennsatucky forges an ill-advised romance with CO Coates, who previously sexually assaulted her.

What's next: Pennsatucky and Coates continue to... do whatever it is they're doing, and while Big Boo still doesn't support the relationship, she'll protect her new friend Pennsatucky at all costs.

Piscatella (Brad William Henke)


Brad William Henke, Orange Is the New Black

JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: In the wake of Poussey's death, Caputo sends Piscatella home before chaos breaks out at the prison. He's the most hated of the guards, essentially laughing off Poussey's death and torturing Red with sleep deprivation.

What's next: Piscatella doesn't stay away from Litchfield for long, and returns sporting a new look and hoping to quell the riot.

Red (Kate Mulgrew)

Kate Mulgrew, Dale Soules, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Red takes matters into her own hands to get Nicky clean, and stops the flow of drugs through the prison.

What's next: While everyone else's attention is focused on Humphrey, Red sets her sights elsewhere.

Sophia (Laverne Cox)

Laverne Cox, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: After spending the bulk of Season 4 in the SHU, Sophia returned to general population just before the riot broke out.

What's next: Let's just say the prison higher-ups realize that her skills extend beyond hairstyling.

Judy King (Blair Brown)

Blair Brown, Orange Is the New Black
JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Judy King is all set to be released from Litchfield, but gets waylaid once the prison riot gets underway. The last we see of Judy, she's trapped in a hallway, surrounded on all sides by angry inmates.

What's next: Judy's celebrity continues to be a strong factor in her character -- and arc.

Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman)

Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Where we left off: Yoga Jones becomes Judy King's prison BFF, and winds up having a threesome with King and CO Luschek after the three of them take Molly.

What's next: Yoga Jones continues to stick by Judy King's side -- a decision she may come to regret.

Taystee, Black Cindy, Alison and Janae (Danielle Brooks, Adrienne C. Moore, Amanda Stephens and Vicky Jeudy)

Orange Is the New Black
Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Where we left off: Heartbroken over Poussey's death, Taystee and the rest of the black girls became determined to get justice for their friend.

What's next: Taystee & Co. continue to focused on one thing: that Poussey was murdered.

Flaca and Maritza (Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero)

Jackie Cruz, Diane Guerrero, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Maritza makes an enemy out of Maria after ratting to the guards about Maria's panty-smuggling operation, and later becomes the target of CO Humphrey's sadism when he forces her to eat a baby mouse at gunpoint.

What's next: Flaca and Maritza take full advantage of everything the riot offers.

Nicky and Lorna (Natasha Lyonne and Yael Stone)

Yael Stone, Natasha Lyonne, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden

Where we left off: Nicky fell off the wagon again but then got clean after Red cut off her supply line to drugs.She continued to pine for Lorna, who began to suspect that her sister was sleeping with her husband Vinnie.

What's next: Whether or not Nicky can stay clean is one of the big questions heading into Season 5. But even more than her struggle to stay sober, acknowledging and dealing with her true feelings for Lorna will prove to be a difficult challenge.

Brook (Kimiko Glenn)

Kimiko Glenn, Orange Is the New Black
JoJo Whilden / Netflix

Where we left off: Devastated after Poussey's death, Brook tries to numb her pain by getting drunk on prison hooch.

What's next: Brook's means of grieving won't sit well with the other inmates.

Crazy Eyes and Kukudio (Uzo Aduba and Emily Althaus)

Uzo Aduba, Emily Althaus, Orange Is the New Black
Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: Egged on by Humphrey, Crazy Eyes beats Kukudio to a pulp, sending Kukudio to the hospital ward and setting off the chain of events that led to Poussey's death. After a bookshelf falls on her, Crazy Eyes is brought to the medical ward, where she winds up in a bed next to Kukudio.

What's next: Crazy Eyes and Kukudio, round two? Probably not, as with the riot going on, there are other fish to fry.

Bayley (Alan Aisenberg)

Alan Aisenberg, Orange Is the New Black
JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Where we left off: After he accidentally suffocates Poussey, Bayley is put on temporary leave, though Caputo defends him in his public statement.

What's next: Given that the entire new season spans just three days, it's unlikely that we'll see Bayley back at Litchfield.

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 premieres Friday, June 9 on Netflix.