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Poussey Fans Are Not OK with Orange Is the New Black Season 5

It hurts

Amanda Bell

We're past the point of having to preface discussions of Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley)'s tragic death with spoiler warnings, aren't we?

It's been a whole season since that gutting development took place on Orange is the New Black's fourth season finish, but the loss is still pretty raw for fans of the noble and good-hearted librarian who was crushed under the weight of an aggressive security guard who ignored her warnings that she couldn't breathe beneath his knee.

Netflix dropped its fifth season of the hit series this weekend, and since much of the focus of the new run is on the aftermath of Poussey's loss -- namely, a prison riot with varying strands of influence and activity but which is mainly centered on seeking justice for her unjustified death -- fans of the character have been reliving their grief for Poussey on social media all over again and finding fresh reasons to mourn the OITNB angel.

First, the intro reminds us that she's gone. Like, really, really gone.

That's ... quite a bummer note to start things off on, for sure.

Then, the anger sets in over her fate. Like ... why.


The temptation to throw in the towel on the show becomes pretty real.

But then she gets a flashback and a library memorial and her girls fight for her memory, and suddenly Netflix is asking if we're okay because it's been seven hours and we can't un-glue our eyes from the tube.

That's when the scenes start aiming right for those feel spots and don't miss.

Ow, all the hearts are broken. Again. This show.