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Oprah Winfrey says she feels "terrific" about the end of her daytime show and the future of her new cable network, OWN.

"We're building, night by night by night. What everyone told me about the cable business is the way you do cable is you start with a couple of shows, people are used to repeats," Winfrey told The Hollywood Reporter. "Oprah viewers were not!"

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One of the channel's first breakout hits has been Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes, a look at the final year of The Oprah Winfrey Show. The series, originally planned as a documentary film, has offered viewers an up-close and intimate look at not just the show, but Winfrey's personal life (including rare peeks at partner Stedman Graham) as well.

"They had a shot of me in the tub [Wednesday]. I thought it was too much," she said. "C'mon people, we went a little too far behind the scenes with this shot!"

Looking ahead, Winfrey said she's planning to take a vacation following her Oscars special and is readying herself for the May finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show. "I'm feeling energized. Better than I ever have," Winfrey said. "When we end a season, we usually feel like we got hit by a truck. I've kept a diary all my life. I looked back at all my diaries. A good year is if you don't feel like you've been hit by a truck at the end of the season."

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Winfrey also says she's glad she knew when to pull the plug on the successful daytime operation. "I'm so happy I didn't stay in the wing until I was punch drunk and people had to drag me out with my microphone and say, 'Enough already!'" she said. "I always thought I would take my cues from the viewers. I took the cue from the landscape of television. It got harder and harder and harder to raise the bar every day. What we're doing is primetime television done in the daytime."

Winfrey says she is leaving the planning of her final two shows in the hands of Harpo Productions President and show producer Sheri Salata.

"I'm allowing for Sheri and the team to plan two days of full surprises. I've given up control for the last two days. It's a lot to relinquish," Winfrey says. "I had to pray on that.... and get a guarantee from Sheri there would be no strippers or dancing people coming out of shells."