It's no secret that Oprah Winfrey is an outspoken advocate for women, but who knew she was willing to boycott her show to prove it? During an interview for TIME Firsts, a project highlighting groundbreaking women, the iconic TV journalist revealed that she threatened to quit The Oprah Winfrey Show if the female producers on her talk show didn't receive a pay raise.

"I built this show around myself and the producers. We were young women in our 30s trying to figure it out and find our own way. I was making a lot of money, and my producers were still getting the same salary. I went to my boss at the time and I said, 'Everybody needs a raise.' And he said, 'Why?'" she explained, according to People.

"He actually said to me, 'They're only girls. They're a bunch of girls. What do they need more money for?' I go, 'Well, either they're gonna get raises, or I'm gonna sit down. I will not work unless they get paid.' And so they did."

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While those staffers may have earned a victory, equal pay is still a work in progress but has seen some gains in Hollywood. After the Sony leaks revealed Jennifer Lawrence was paid less than her male co-stars, she called out the inequality in a passionate essay and went on to demand a higher salary. Plus, Amy Schumer demanded to be paid more for her Netflix special after learning how much Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock earned for theirs.