Fact: No one can get enough of Fox's blinged-out hip-hop drama Empire, the biggest new hit on network television that's been crushing the competition in the ratings. The series has done the unthinkable by growing its audience in every week since it debuted, topping out in last week's episode with 14.3 million viewers and a whopping 5.8 rating in the 18-49 viewer demographic.

So what's the only thing that can get fans more excited than next week's season finale? Details on Season 2! Co-creators Danny Strong and Lee Daniels spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the series and its future, and it may involve one Oprah Winfrey.

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As everyone expected, the likelihood of Fox benching its biggest hit until midseason again is unikely, with Fox president David Madden saying he "wouldn't be surprised" to see Empire return before the new year. And Fox is probably wishing it hadn't ordered just 12 episodes for Season 1, and there's little chance it will make the same mistake next year. But don't expect a full 22-episode season due to the compact storytelling and original music.

Spike Lee has already reached out to Daniels about directing an episode of Season 2, but he isn't even close to being the show's biggest target. Word is that Daniels has asked his friend Winfrey to come on down for a guest arc. But Oprah isn't ready to commit just yet, especially to the competition.

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"I tell him: 'Lee, it's not enough that you've taken every viewer possible on Wednesday night,'" Winfrey said. "'Now you want me to leave my own network?'"

To which Daniels replied, "I'm wearing her down!"

Oprah and Empire together? Yes, please!

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