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One Life to Live: What Happened in Llanview This Week?

The revamped version of One Life to Live made its online debut this week, so what exactly went down in Llanview? (Short answer: A lot!) Let's recap:

Liz Raftery

The revamped version of One Life to Live made its online debut this week, so what exactly went down in Llanview? (Short answer: A lot!) Let's recap:

Both Victor Lord Jr. (Trevor St. John) and Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) are back in Llanview, so you know that can't be a good thing. But it's still unclear what happened in the six months that have passed, plot-wise, since OLTL's last episode on ABC, when Victor was being held hostage by Allison Perkins (Barbara Garrick) and Todd was under arrest for his murder. And it seems like we'll have to wait awhile to find out, with Victor refusing to answer post-coital inquiries from Tea (Florencia Lozano) and explain what happened to him, saying only that he "outsmarted" Allison to get away.

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The brothers first come face to face in the hospital, where Todd's daughter Dani (Kelley Missal) has been brought in after overdosing on OxyContin at Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Cutter's (Josh Kelly) new nightclub, Shelter. (With Howarth heading to General Hospital, we also got this winking reference from Tea: "Why are you even here? Don't you live in Port Charles now?") As it turned out, Todd had rushed back to town after getting a drunk-dial from Dani and recognized that she was in trouble. But she apparently doesn't feel the same way sober, telling Todd that she wants him to get out of her life. "Don't ever go near my family again," Victor tells Todd before closing the hospital door in his face. Ouch. Later, Todd tries to reconnect with his son Jack (Andrew Trischitta) and rekindle his relationship with Blair, but both shoot him down. We'd head back to Port Charles too!

After Victor's reunion romp with Tea, he discovers the nursery that viewers saw in Episode 1. The story behind that? After Victor's "death," Tea gave birth to their baby — a boy whom she named Victor. Todd was driving her to the hospital, but they didn't make it in time, and Todd ended up delivering the baby in the car. However, the baby wasn't crying. Todd took the new arrival to the hospital and, discovering that he was dead, switched the dead child with another baby, Tea tells Victor. "When I found out ... ," she started to say, but then never finished the sentence. What?! The whole story seems kind of fishy.

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And it's clear that Victor still has some lingering anger issues, as he proceeds to rip the head off of a stuffed giraffe in the nursery seconds after Tea leaves. And then ... wait a second. Is that a hidden camera in the nursery? It would appear so.

We also learned more about the government scandal Dorian's (Robin Strasser) embroiled in. It seems she obtained documents that hinted at black sites (i.e. torture locations) in the U.S. and says she handed them over to her superiors, who say they never received them. It seems like Dorian is the one telling the truth in this scenario — but as far as her career's concerned, it may be too late. Hard-nosed young reporter Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) convinces Viki (Erika Slezak) to run with a rather damning quote Dorian uttered in an off-the-cuff exchange with Viki, essentially calling the American public idiots. Viki has both personal and professional moral qualms about publishing it, and suspects Dorian may have been set up to take the fall for someone higher up in the government, but gives in to Jeffrey anyway.

On the Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) front, we learn that they've been chipping in both time and money to care for their grandson, Drew — even though things still seem strained between Destiny (Laura Harrier) and Matthew (Robert Gorrie).

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Blair and Cutter's business endeavor also seems doomed to fail, with Cutter employing a drug dealer on site to keep the party going, and turning a blind eye as a crooked cop is hired to provide "security." Also at the club, Vimal (Nick Choksi) shows up to try to win back Rama (Shenaz Treasury). Memo to Vimal: Insulting her new job as a bartender probably isn't the best approach. Rama tells him she's not ready to commit but convinces him that they should maybe try an open marriage. We're sure that will turn out well.

Teasers/Burning Questions for Next Week:

Next week, rapper Snoop Lion guest-stars, Bo and Nora get a surprise visit from an old friend, there's another incident at Shelter, and Natalie receives a "shocking phone call." Plus: What will be the fallout of Viki and Dorian's feud? And what's the deal with that camera in the nursery?

So, now that we're a week in, what are your thoughts on the soap's make-over? Did you watch One Life to Live this week, and will you keep up with it? Vote in our poll — and weigh in on the first four episodes in the comments!