Agnes Nixon Agnes Nixon

Love it! TV Guide Magazine has learned that the legendary soap scribe Agnes Nixon will make an appearance on One Life to Live before the show ends its run on ABC — and her role is a hoot! Nixon, who created OLTL back in 1968, will play Agnes Dixon, creator of the show's soap within a soap, Fraternity Row. Nixon will shoot her scenes November 17 and hit the air the week of January 9.

Though further details are being kept hush-hush for now, Fraternity Row — part of Llanview life since the 1980s — will once again be prominent during OLTL's final weeks on the air. Prominent enough for Nixon, as Dixon, to be interviewed on TV by bitchy newshound Blanca Morales (Carolina Bermudez)!

This won't be the first time Nixon has cameo'd on OLTL. In 2008 she played an even more powerful creator — the one up in Heaven — when Viki (Erika Slezak) "died" during the soap's 40th anniversary celebration.

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