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One Direction Reveals They've Been Skinny Dipping and Hooked Up With Fans on Ellen

That means there's hope!

Megan Vick

Ellen got the boys of One Direction to reveal their secrets during a tense game of Never Have I Ever when they appeared on her show on Wednesday.

Harry was the first one to get called out when Ellen asked if any of the guys had someone else write a song about them. Styles tried to say no one had, but it's a very popular rumor that at least one of the songs on Taylor Swift's 1989 was inspired by 1D's long-haired crooner.

The other big reveals included that everyone but Liam has gone skinny dipping in a hotel pool, Niall likes using other people's toothbrushes without telling them and Harry has hooked up with a fan. We're pretty sure you can still hear the screams of hope after that one.

When they weren't playing games, the guys also discussed Zayn's split from the band - which still seems to be an awkward subject. They still talk to him. He's doing well, and that's really all they have to say about that.

In even sadder news for One Direction fans, Ellen reminded everyone that 2016 will be a 1D-less year as the boys take an overdue break from their exhaustive touring schedule. Fortunately, everyone can just put the boys' new album Made in the A.M. on repeat until they're ready to tour again.