Ay que lindo!

One Day at a Time, Netflix's updated reboot of Norman Lear's classic '70s and '80s sitcom that makes us cry as often as it makes us laugh, has been renewed for Season 3, the streaming service announced Monday.

Season 3 will consist of 13 half hour episodes and premiere in 2019. Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, Todd Grinnell, Stephen Tobolowsky, Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz will all return.

One Day at a Time tells the story of a tight-knit Cuban-American family as they handle with the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life with heart and humor. Machado stars Penelope, a newly-single mother and military veteran, who's raising two kids who are as strong-willed as she is with the not-always-helpful help of her highly traditional mother Lydia (Rita Moreno) and her goofy but good-hearted building superintendent Schneider (Todd Grinnell).

Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.