If you're still sobbing over the cruel fate of One Day at a Time, there may be some small hope for the show yet!

Though Netflix decided to cancel the show after three critically acclaimed seasons, CBS All Access apparently wants to give the show a second life. A source familiar with the matter tells TV Guide that an offer was made, though there's no news on whether that will actually result in a move to the streaming service for One Day at a Time. While Netflix could ultimately shut down any possible deals, the show's creator Gloria Calderon Kellett has been open about the fact that she'd like to see the show continue and already has plans in place to do so.

"Good morning networks. I've met with you in the past & you've said 'If only we had @OneDayAtATime' Good news.... we can be yours! We can easily do a reset so that those not familiar with the show will get all the info they need. Call Sony. The fight continues. #saveodaat," Calderon Kellett tweeted last month after the show got the ax.

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Since then, there have been murmurs about interested parties, but for now, One Day at a Time's fate remains in limbo as it seeks out a new home.

One Day at a Time is currently streaming on Netflix.

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