Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time

While on hiatus from playing Downton Abbey cook Mrs. Patmore, Lesley Nicol performed in a play, voiced a character for the upcoming animated movie Turkeys (with Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson) and shot an episode of ABC's Once Upon a Time, playing a royal attendant to young Snow White's mother, Eva (Rena Sofer). All the while, five top-secret scripts for Downton's Season 4, which focuses on how the household copes in the aftermath of Season 3's death toll, have been piling up at her London home.

The Grim Reaper will likely be visiting Eva, too. (Hey, we all know how that fairy tale plays out.) But off screen, Nicol found the Vancouver Once set to be a lively locale filled with many die-hard Downton fans. "Ginny Goodwin [Snow], Josh Dallas [Charming] and Lana Parrilla [Regina] all told me they were admirers of the show," says Nicol. "I was really welcomed, which made it much easier to do my job."

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