Emma is going to need all the help she can get. Too bad it looks like she just made an enemy.

In the clip above from Once Upon a Time's Season 5 premiere on Sunday (8/7c, ABC), Emma (Jennifer Morrison) seems to be pre-Dark Swan (and pre-rinse and blow dry), walking through the Enchanted Forest. Guest star Amy Manson, who looks amazing as Brave's Merida, has just snatched a blue, glowing will-o-the-wisp from her.

How exactly that thing was supposed to help Emma get rid of her dark urges is a mystery, but they both really want it for unselfish reasons. After all, if Emma becomes full-blown Dark Swan, she'll hurt all of her loved ones.

How do you think this confrontation will play out? Any bets? And how perfect is Manson as Merida?

Once Upon a Time returns on Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.