Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is still trying to battle the power of fate when Once Upon a Time returns in March, but she'll have an old friend to help her.

Pinocchio (Eion Bailey) makes a triumphant return in the first episode back and plays a key part in helping Emma and Regina (Lana Parrilla) find their way back to Storybrooke. The reunion not only helps to restore Pinocchio's confidence in the wish realm, but restores Emma's faith that she can choose her own destiny once she returns to Storybrooke.

Emma and Pinocchio — or August, as most fans know him — have had a special bond since he arrived in Storybrooke in Season 1 with a boatload of knowledge about the magic of stories. But that's not the only thing that links them.

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The midseason premiere will build upon Emma and August's relationship... and also reveal that they have had a connection for much longer than Emma (or we) ever realized. In fact, if it weren't for August, Emma may never have become the savior of Storybrooke.

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