With the announcement that Once Upon a Time's seventh season will be its last comes a slightly panicked realization: We've got to start wrapping up, like, a million different stories!

Rumple's (Robert Carlyle) got to find a way to transfer his powers to the Guardian, Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Alice (Rose Reynolds) are due for a real reunion, Henry (Andrew J. West) needs to break the curse, and Regina (Lana Parrilla) has to find a way to keep him alive after he does so. There's a lot to do!

Not to pile on, but besides the plot resolutions listed above, there are also some extra must-see moments that we're dying to get before Once Upon a Time closes its final chapter. Here's our wish list of scenes we need to see before saying goodbye to these fairytales forever.

Rumbelle Happily Ever After
It seems kind of unfair that pretty much every other couple got to ride off into the sunset together after the reboot while Rumple and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) were tragically separated when she died of old age and he remained immortal. Before the season is out, we demand to see them reunited in the afterlife, even if that means Rumple technically has to die to get that happy ending. Bonus points if Baelfire (Michael Raymond James) is there too.

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Emma (Jennifer Morrison) Meeting Lucy
When Jennifer Morrison left the series, it meant that Henry and Emma had to go their separate ways (to two totally different realms) in order to explain why she was no longer an active part in his life. That does mean, however, the she never got to meet her granddaughter, Lucy, which is a crying shame. A family reunion is definitely in order before Once Upon a Time comes to a close.

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Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) Cameos
All the other series regulars who peaced out after Season 6 have returned in one way or another for Season 7 — except Snow and Charming! While it's not strictly necessary to explain where these two have been and what their lives look like now, it would be nice to check back in with the couple that started it all.

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New Love for Regina
After losing Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) Regina hasn't seemed all that interested in romance. When you consider that she's apparently been living the single life for the last 10 years though, it's easier to understand how she could be ready to open herself up to love again. We don't need a new ship or a long, romantic story arc. We'd simply be happy to see her meet someone new in the series finale with the understanding that maybe she'd found another soul mate to share her life with.

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Redemption for Drizella (Adelaide Kane)
Drizella may be pretty nasty, but she's just too darn likable for us to hope she gets what's coming to her in the end. Sure, she can't get off scot-free, but we'd rather see Drizella realize the error of her ways and join forces with the good guys than watch her vanquished for her wicked ways.

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A Wedding!
It's not a final season without a wedding! We've been on the fence about Zelena (Rebecca Mader) many times, but ultimately it seems like she's turned her life around under this new curse. If she truly loves the man her cursed self was going to marry, then they should definitely tie the knot. Our other pitch is for Alice and Robin (Tiera Skovbye) to get hitched! We've only seen a fraction of their love story so far, but their relationship is definitely one that deserves a happy ending.

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What's on your wish list?

Once Upon a Time returns March 2 at 8/7c on ABC.