After six seasons, Once Upon A Time is finally going full fan service and doing a musical episode this Spring, TVLine is reporting.

While an ABC spokesperson has declined to comment, the OUAT musical episode has been the source of much anticipation — and consideration on the part of producers. Eddy Kitsis (of OUAT's showrunner duo Kitsis and Horowitz) said once at Comic Con in 2015 that "It would be great to do a musical episode, [but] I don't know even where to begin."

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We do! OUAT is a soap opera about Disney movies, which have some of the most beloved and well-known songs in the world to pull from. Original numbers could reflect the tangled mess of marriages, parentage and curses that bind the plot together, too.

May we suggest Belle singing about sending her newborn baby out a window in the care of a fairy the size of a turtledove? Emma doing a rocking power ballad about the foster care system? Regina could do a ditty about forbidden fruit? The possibilities are endless.

Once returns to ABC Sunday, March 5 at 8/7c.