Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) won't be the only love on Emma's (Jennifer Morrison) mind in the Once Upon a Time 100th episode. TVLine reported Monday that Michael Raymond-James will appear in the milestone episode as Emma's former love and Henry's (Jared Gilmore) father Neal.

Raymond-James went through elaborate lengths to keep his return a secret from spying paparazzi and Once super-fans, including staying with friends instead of a hotel so it wasn't obvious he was in Vancouver for filming. Raymond-James' filmed all his scenes on a soundstage indoors too, to prevent onlookers getting photos of him outside.

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The 100th episode, airing March 6 on ABC, will begin with Emma and her Storybrooke friends' journey to the underworld to try and rescue Killian (O'Donoghue). They'll encounter many familiar faces there who "haven't found closure yet," which had many fans questioning if Neal would make an appearance.

"I think that it would be very disappointing for her to go down there and not have somebody talk about Neal," executive producer Eddy Kitsis told TVLine.

The question remains whether Neal will find his closure in the single episode or if there's room for more of him in the second half of Season 5. If Neal's presence on the show does extend past the 100th episode, it likely won't be an extensive arc considering Raymond-James is starring in NBC's midseason drama Game of Silence, premiering April 7.

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