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Mega Buzz: Henry Gets His Own Quest (and Romance!) on Once Upon a Time

​When you're the son of the Savior, your work is never done.

Hanh Nguyen

When you're the son of the Savior, your work is never done.

With Emma (Jennifer Morrison) going to the dark side this season on Once Upon a Time, Henry (Jared Gilmore) will once again step up to try and save the Savior. Co-creator Adam Horowitz tells reporters at a screening for the Season 5 premiere, "What we love with Henry is that he's growing up, and he can take a more active part in the adventures now. I think you're going to see that he's going to take a more pivotal role in some of the things that are coming up."

Co-creator Edward Kitsis adds: "Yeah, Episode 5 is Henry's episode. It's one of my favorites."

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When last we saw Henry, he had become the Author, which comes with its own heavy set of responsibilities. But that may take a back seat to his other adult interests. "Being the Author doesn't go away... but Henry's got a holy quest of his own," Kitsis tells TVGuide.com. "You see, as he starts to become a teenager, someone has caught his eye, and I fear [being the] Author is secondary to, 'Who's that person over there?'" Love for Henry is coming. We wouldn't go to Camelot and not have Henry fall in love. I would watch the second episode where we might meet Henry's first crush."

How do you think Henry will be able to help Emma? Who do you think is first crush will be? And is any of this worthy of a new, top-secret operation name? Operation Platypus, perhaps?

Once Upon a Time returns for its fifth season on Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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