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Once Upon a Time Has Found Its Prince Naveen

Here's who will try to sweep Princess Tiana off her feet

Keisha Hatchett

At long last, Once Upon a Time has found its Prince Naveen.

TVLine reports that Jeff Pierre will take on the role of Princess Tiana's (Mekia Cox) potential beau in addition to starring in Freeform's Beyond. His character is described as a "fun-loving, freewheeling adventurer who cares little about the dangers of the world." However, that tough exterior is just a front and he's actually a sensitive guy struggling with his tragic past and he's determined to atone for his mistakes even if it costs him everything that he loves.

Lana Parrilla to Make Directorial Debut on Once Upon a Time

Naveen will make his much-anticipated debut in Episode 12, titled "A Taste of the Heights," which is set to air on Friday, March 9. The major episode will be centered around Tiana and see several characters return including Dr. Facilier (Daniel Francis), the devious soothsayer Tiana encountered in Episode 5.

With Naveen officially slated to appear on the series, it looks like we'll finally get to explore Tiana's backstory on a much deeper level and see whether or not there's a frog transformation in her future.

Once Upon a Time returns March 2 at 8/7c on ABC.

Mekia Cox, Once Upon a Time

Mekia Cox, Once Upon a Time

Jack Rowand, ABC