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Once Upon a Time: 5 Reasons Why We Need a Season 7

Give us a happy ending!

Megan Vick

Once Upon a Time is on the dreaded cancelation bubble, but is it really time to say goodbye to the fairy tale drama?

There are still loose ends that need to be tied up in Storybrooke, with "The Final Battle" between Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and The Black Fairy (Jaime Murray) drawing near. We've got happy endings that celebrating, and wedding bells that need to be rung (Hello Captain Swan!).

Once Upon a Time: Zelena Makes the "Ultimate Sacrifice" for the Heroes

ABC will likely make its final decision about whether Once Upon a Time will return for Season 7 next month, and there's already been talk about how the show will reconfigure itself if it's given another season on the air. Until those plans emerge, here's TVGuide.com's urgent plea to keep Once around for just a little bit longer.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 continues Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.