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On My Block Season 3 Trailer Reveals Who Kidnapped the Kids and Why

Just when they thought they were out...

Sadie Gennis

The On My Block Season 3 trailer is here to answer all your biggest questions about that finale cliffhanger. The first look at the new season, which drops March 11, reveals that Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Jamal (Brett Gray) were kidnapped in the Season 2 finale by Cuchillos, the leader of the Santos (!), because she wants them to find Little Ricky (!!), who is very much alive (!!!).

Based on the fact that the Season 3 trailer gas dropped all that info in the first 20 seconds, we're betting that means we're in for quite a crazy season ahead -- and the most dangerous one yet. Because if the gang can't figure out where Little Ricky has been hiding all these years, they might not live through their sophomore year...

The rest of the trailer hints at some of the other high-stakes and hilarious adventures to come, including the fact that Jamal has a stalker, Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) is now an official member of the team, and we haven't seen the last of Chivo and his gnomes.

What the trailer doesn't reveal is whether or not Monse and Cesar have reconciled, if Monse really will leave Freeridge to attend the all-female boarding school, and whether Ruby and Jasmine will take their friendship to the next level. Which, c'mon, they have to, right?!

On My Block Season 3 premieres Wednesday, March 11 on Netflix.

On My Block
Kevin Estrada/Netflix