Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski

[Warning: This story reveals details of Monday night's episode of Chuck. Read at your own risk!]

We knew Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) was in serious danger once Shaw (Brandon Routh) discovered that she had killed his wife, but it was shocking that Chuck (Zachary Levi) had to kill him to save her. What's ahead for the Buy More nerd-turned-killer? spoke with executive producer Chris Fedak to find out how the death will affect Chuck and how it will change how Sarah looks at him.

Chuck producer: Chuck is off to become the hero Chuck went from being a fake killer to real killer!
Chris Fedak:
I remember in Season 1, Zach asked when he would get to shoot someone and we said, "Never, because you're Chuck, you're not going to be comfortable doing that. You're a regular guy." We knew at some point it was going to be important for him to get to a point where he has to shoot someone. We built the first 13 episodes all to this point. It's the classic gunfighter decision: Sarah's life is in danger and he has to use a gun for the first time. How will Chuck feel about having killed someone?
It's a big thing for him, but when Chuck makes the decision to shoot Shaw, he's making the right decision. It's not morally ambiguous; he's saving Sarah's life. He knows there will be ramifications in his relationship with Sarah. This season has been about what Sarah thinks about Chuck becoming a spy and how it will change him. It's such a huge moment: To save her life he has to kill someone, and in doing so, will she still love him?

Watch full episodes of Chuck Christopher Lloyd will be guest-starring as a therapist. Will he help Chuck deal with his first kill?
That's an important part of it, but just one of Chuck's many issues. Chuck is an emotional guy and he probably should've gotten a therapist many years ago. Will killing people ever come more naturally for Chuck?
For Chuck, it's very unnatural. He's never going to be a hardened killer; that's not Chuck Bartowski. Will Chuck change or evolve from this death?
Absolutely. Chuck's wanted to become a spy and this season is very much a part of that. As we head into the season finale, we'll realize there's so much more going on in Chuck's life that's going to affect his decision. Chuck wants to be a spy and everything he's doing is to become this super agent, but we're never going to lose sight of the fact that he's also a good guy at heart. It's the Chuck Bartowski show. He's not James Bond; he's not Jack Bauer.

How did you feel about Chuck's first kill?