Bode Miller Bode Miller

Bode Miller won his fourth career Olympic medal, the most ever for an alpine skier in U.S. history, but failed to take the gold in the men's Super-G event Friday.

Miller was an early leader at the Winter Olympics event after another impressive run by Olympics rookie Andrew Weibrecht. But both in came behind Aksel Lund Svindal of Norway, who won his first gold medal. Reigning Super-G world champion Didier Cuche (Switzerland) failed to medal after breaking his thumb on Jan. 29.

Video: Watch the medal ceremony for men's Super-G event

Svindal also beat Miller in the downhill competition earlier in the week, when Svindal came in second and Miller placed third. Unlike Miller, Svindal was hardly considered a front-runner for the event despite winning the overall Alpine Skiing World Cup in 2009. That victory was one of his first after suffering a severe crash during a practice run in late 2007. "This is where I wanted to be," Svindal, 27, said of his return to the sport following his recovery. "This is an awesome day."

Miller, 32, doubted his new record would last long. But he was happy with his performance Friday, which also marked the second birthday of his daughter, Dacey. "I came in here ready to win," he said after the event. Miller and Weibrect's medals helped push the U.S. to a medal lead late Friday with a total of 20 medals thus far.

Americans had less luck in the women's skeleton event, where Noelle Pikus-Pace came in fourth. "I had a blast here and I have gave it my best," she said after the event. Pikus-Pace's teammate and two-time world champion Katie Uhlaender placed a disappointing 11th following a knee injury earlier this season. Amy Williams (Great Britain) won the event and Jon Montgomery (Canada) won the men's skeleton.