Olivia Munn, <EM>Attack of the Show!</EM> Olivia Munn, Attack of the Show!

To the unhip — or those of a certain age — G4's Attack of the Show! (Mondays at 7 and 10 pm/ET, G4) may sound like a forgotten B-movie. But to video-gamers, techies and fanboys, the nightly live newsmagazine hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn is required viewing. "It's like Regis & Kelly, but for males 18-34," Munn says. "We talk about everything that a guy that age cares about: pop culture, the Internet, video games." No doubt many of those guys are also tuning in for Munn, a 26-year-old with model looks who will do nearly anything for a laugh — including eating a dangling hot dog or riding a gyrating chair. We spoke to Munn, just days after she made a splash at Comic-Con.

TV Guide: How was Comic-Con?
Olivia Munn: The fan support is beyond me sometimes. At Comic-Con, I become Justin Timberlake. They come from all parts of the world just to say hi. The very first day I was on [our] set to do an interview and the fans flooded the stage. The fire marshal came and tried to shut us down. So many fans came out.

TV Guide:  They idolize you.
Munn: They all feel like they know me. It's [different] than being just an actor or a singer, because on Attack of the Show!, I'm on every day for an hour. And I am being myself for the most part. I'm so thankful that the fans know who I am. They've really supported me and really get me.

TV Guide: How often were you asked out?
Munn: [Laughs] It went straight to "will you marry me?" So a lot of them, I guess, are pretty conservative, just good old-fashioned fans who want to get married right away. It was so sweet.

TV Guide: Are you a gamer?
Munn: I'm more a first-person shooter game and an old-school game kind of person. I still play Tetris every night or something very cliché from my Asian background, like Taipei. [Laughs] When it comes to Tetris, I'm like a prodigy 12 years too late. I'm extremely good at it. It's my one talent in life, but it'll get me nowhere.

TV Guide: Do you consider yourself a geek?
Munn: Yeah, but I think the term geek has definitely changed. I think it's a proud thing to be: somebody who's smart and quick-witted and doesn't take themselves or the world too seriously. They enjoy life. But they also really know how to get things done. So many people underestimate how smart our audience has become.

TV Guide: You were No. 99 on Maxim's Hot 100 list this year, just ahead of No. 100 Tila Tequila. We'd argue you should have ranked higher.
Munn: I'm just thankful that it wasn't the Hot 98 list, because I would not have made it. And I'm glad Tila Tequila wasn't 99 and I was 100. It is not fair to live in a world where Tila Tequila is considered better than me.

TV Guide: So what's next?
Munn: I just finished a movie with the guys from Broken Lizard [Jay Chandrasekhar's comedy troupe] called The Slammin' Salmon. I'm also developing a show for network, a half-hour scripted comedy. I can't say much more than that it's within the world that I already know, which is Internet and geek.

TV Guide: Is it safe to assume that there won't be any dangling hot-dog eating?
Munn: [Laughs] We may do an homage to my hot dog days, I'm not quite sure.

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