So far, O.C. newbie Oliver seems like a sweetheart, doesn't he? The kind of ex-druggie you wanna just hug. The sort of mental patient you could bring home to Mom, even if Mom is piranha Julie Cooper. But, according to the poor little rich kid's portrayer, Taylor Handley, there may be something a wee bit sour behind his screen counterpart's sweet smile. "Oliver is very intelligent," the 19-year-old tells TV Guide Online (as if we aren't glued to Fox every Wednesday at 9 pm/ET), "and intelligent people are good manipulators."

In other words, our hero Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) won't want to turn his back when main squeeze Marissa (Mischa Barton) is around Mr. Nice Guy. Says Handley: "There's definitely some tension between Ryan and Oliver since Marissa now has a boyfriend and also a friend — especially because my character is very needy due to his past. It kind of takes Marissa's attention away from Ryan."

The sullen sexpot might as well get used to it, too: Handley's not going anywhere for awhile. Since 1999, the Santa Barbara, Calif., native has been bulking up his resumé with just about every series to crack Nielsen's top 40. Now, though, he's eager to settle down. "Last year, I did a three-episode run on Dawson's Creek and guest-starring appearances on shows like NYPD Blue, CSI and Frasier," the youthful old pro notes, "but I'm not a big fan of bopping around from show to show."