Alex O'Loughlin and Larisa Oleynik Alex O'Loughlin and Larisa Oleynik

Sorry, 'shippers, but love isn't on the luau menu for Jenna and Danno ... yet.

With the return of Larisa Oleynik's character Jenna Kaye to Hawaii Five-0 on Monday at 10/9c on CBS, fans are wondering if some flattering comments Detective Danny "Danno" Williams (Scott Caan) made about her could mean a romance in the making when they meet again. "I don't think so," Oleynik tells "I think Danno is a flirt but I think ultimately he only has eyes for his ex-wife Rachel."

Larisa Oleynik is open to a Hawaii Five-0 romance with McGarrett

Well, a reconciliation might be a little difficult, seeing as how Rachel (Claire Van der Boom) has moved on and married another guy. Then again, the chemistry between Danno and Jenna doesn't feel amorous at all, Oleynik says.

"Since she's the rookie now, they've started throwing stuff in like Danny making fun of Jenna a little bit," she says. "There's a joke they make in the episode about Jenna having her bulletproof vest on backwards to throw her off her game." Apparently, the tone of this relationship is echoed on-set. Olyenik adds, "Scott for sure gives me a hard time and makes fun of me on set a lot, but in a way that's totally like a big brother."

Jenna has more important things to worry about — such as the villain Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), who killed her fiance — than her love life. For now, she's focusing on working with the Five-0 team, including Danno, Steve McGarrett (Alex O' Loughlin), Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park).

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"She's not necessarily part of the group because they will always exist as the superhero-like foursome," Oleynik explains. "Jenna's trajectory right now is really trying to figure out how best she fits, what her strengths are with the team. She's not a special agent at all. She's never been in the field. She has no experience other than to just sitting behind desk really. As much as she wants to get that experience, she's best able to serve the team by gathering and relaying information."

On Monday's episode, Jenna has been in communication with team and closer to finding Wo Fat's whereabouts in Hawaii. "That's sort of where the episode begins," says Oleynik. "And then Danny's exposed to a lethal neurological agent. Trying to figure out who did it is what the episode is about. And like all Five-0 episodes, it's never who it seems. I think this one will be a little shocking."

Take a peek at a clip from the episode, "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau":

Oh no, Danno! "It's a close call," says Oleynik, who assures us he's alive and well in the following week's finale on May 16 in which Jenna returns

"I got my first explosion, and there's some running ... well, just a little bit," Oleynik admits. "I'm out of breath as Alex and Dan are carrying on a conversation because everyone's so ridiculously in shape on this set. Obviously Jenna is not the toughest girl in the room. She may have a shade of a tan by now, but she's pretty much sticking to the comfort zone of these mass quantities of information and sorting it all out. The shirt is still tucked in. That's the fun of this character."

With her help though, the team finally catches up with their target. "McGarrett and Wo Fat definitely come to face to face in the finale," she confirms. "We also learn more about the envelopes, those bits of information from the toolbox, and who is sending them and the intention behind it. Oh, and HPD responds kindly to one of Chin Ho's recent acts. They may or may not try to woo him as it were."

Not everything will run smoothly, however. The team will have to learn to operate without the benefit of the governor's protection. "That's a big part of what the episode is about," Oleynik says. "There has been a lot of rule-bending in the past, and the team has gotten away with a lot. A lot of those loose ends sort of come to a head."